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April 13, 2010
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Mass Effect Alignments by bigcess Mass Effect Alignments by bigcess
I don't know about wrex as Neutral Evil and couldn't find a good quote from Tali, so if anyone has any suggestion, you could let me know.
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Ma che cazzo vuol dire?
switch morinth with jack, garrus to chaotic good, tali to lawfull food and mordin to neutral good, and then it's perfect
Zousha Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, a few switches may be necessary. Garrus wasn't quite Lawful Good to begin with, but quickly became Chaotic Good as time went by. That'd shift Mordin to Neutral Good and Tali to Lawful Good (Which actually makes a whole lot of sense, Mordin being a doctor whose goal is to help people to make up for the Genophage, and Tali being selflessly concerned about others and the well-being of the Migrant Fleet, as well as generally relying on quarian tradition when making decisions). As for Morinth, she probably fits better as either Neutral or Chaotic Evil. She does what she does without remorse, killing people for fun. That would probably shift Wrex into CN territory, which makes a certain kind of sense too, as he's a maverick regarding krogan traditions, ignoring them in favor of ensuring the krogan survive. Plus we really don't see a lot of "evil" behavior from him aside from killing Fist. Wrex may be mercenary, but his heart's in the right place, for the most part. Jack's kind of problematic. She technically does fit in CE, because of all the stuff she did before meeting Shepard, but she definitely changes significantly between 2 and 3.
Yeah, the thing to keep in mind about ME2 Jack is that at her core, she's a scared kid. You can count the number of people she's met SINCE BIRTH that didn't wish her ill or take advantage of her on one hand, and she's honestly expecting you to turn out to be just like the rest of them at any moment. Once she finds something to actually DO with her life and people who care about her/vice versa, she becomes a MUCH more functional human being, if still rough around the edges.
Zousha Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That is very true.  I based my statement more along the lines that Morinth definitely belongs in the Evil category due to her selfish and malicious nature (not to mention that Wrex is too awesome to be on the bottom there), than on Jack's deeds.  Technically, if you look at the span of the games, Jack goes from Chaotic Evil/Neutral to arguably Chaotic or Neutral Good when she's seen with her students.  That's why she's one of my favorite ME characters.  You really can see her change and you feel proud knowing that you were partially responsible for that.
Oh, definitely. Morinth's a serial killer, you'd have to be nuts to think she belongs anywhere but Chaotic EVIL. She has no redeeming qualities to place her in the "Neutral" category. Even Samara's attempts to play devil's advocate boil down to "yeah, she's a serial killer, but she's a strong-willed serial killer with authority issues for what that's worth" (which is dick-all).

Wrex really doesn't belong on Evil. The only evil thing he does is kill Fist, and I don't think many people shed tears over that. "Brings his people out of their self-destructive spiral and builds a halfway functional society" far outweighs "shoots a crime boss while he's down" IMO.
Fistful-Of-Radical Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Garrus is more chaotic good. Lawful follows the law, garrus does not.
TinyLittleFirefly Dec 5, 2012  Student General Artist
I think Morinth and Jack should be switched
i think garrus and samara should be switched, along with Morinth and Jack. but everyone else seems spot on.
Morinth as chaotic neutral is genius! Though Samara feels more like a paladin than any other Bioware character I've encountered
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